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Spectra Health & Wellbeing

A range of professional services to help people rehabilitate from injury, recover from surgery or improve their physical and mental health if they suffer with a medical condition.

Life Balance

A range of services to help our clients achieve a healthy and happy life balance and reduce stress.

Over 65’s

Spectra also offer people over 65 services to help keep them fit, healthy and strong at discounted prices.

Spectra Health Club offers a range of fitness programmes and specialist classes to support people of all ages and fitness levels rehabilitate from injury or illness. We have a resident Physiotherapist and Sports Massage Therapist on site from Move Cornwall, helping recovery from pain and injury.

Our dedicated and well qualified team also offer 1 to 1 personal training programmes and group classes; specialising in Cardiac Rehab, Diabetes and obesity, Neurological conditions, Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health, injury rehabilitation and GP Referral.


Cameron’s Rehab

People I have not seen for a while tell me how well I look and how poorly I looked a year ago I am a 61 year-old male. I run my own company and have always worked long hours. All my life I have been fortunate to have been naturally strong and fit and...

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John’s Story

Parkinson’s is a disease which affects different people in different ways I have Parkinson’s and over a period of 4 years I have reduced from a very fit and healthy 74 year old man to a person who cannot walk. Confined to a wheelchair for any outside...

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Meet Marion

My stamina is slowly increasing and I have goals and hope for further improvement What amazing news to hear of a gym that has a rehab specialist! I have been diagnosed with MS and suffer from a weakness down my right side which makes it difficult to walk...

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A range of rehabilitation classes available. See the timetable below.